The Benefits of Group Cycling

Performed on stationary indoor bikes, Group Cycling is a fantastic way to get fit initially and keep fit. It’s intense and perfect for building both cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone, while it’s also relatively low impact on the knees and other joints, meaning you’re less likely to hurt yourself, allowing you to keep exercising for longer, helping you get fit more quickly and without injury interruptions. Keep reading to find out more about how this great form of exercise can make you fitter, healthier and, by extension, happier.

Calorie Burning

Our Group Cycling classes are a superb way to burn calories, helping you to lose weight and keep fit in a fun environment. Most people will, if they are working correctly, burn around 400 to 600 calories for every 45 minute session, helping you burn off any unwanted calories and reaching your fitness targets.

Building Muscle Tone

As well as burning off unwanted calories, Group Cycling is a brilliant way to tone and strengthen the muscles in your legs and lower body. You can choose to either build strength, tone the muscles, or do both, depending on the amount of resistance you’re working against on the bike and you can change this throughout the session, so you can concentrate on one or the other.

Increased Cardio Fitness and Stamina

Group Cycling, as well as being a great way to burn calories and build muscle strength and tone, is also absolutely ideal for building cardio fitness and stamina. You don’t have to be a cyclist to feel the benefits, either. Regular Group Cycling sessions will help those in training for any number of endurance events, ranging from long-distance runs like marathons and half marathons, as well as multi-sport events such as triathlons.

Low Impact, Less Risk of Injury

Compared to running, or other such cardio-based activity, Group Cycling puts far less impact through your joints, especially your knees, ankles and hips. This means you can go further and harder without the risk of hurting yourself, helping you get fitter more quickly. You’ll also get the bike set up correctly, meaning you’re cycling at your most efficient, putting less strain on your body and getting the most from each session. Additionally, being based indoors on a stable platform, you won’t fall off and put yourself in danger as you might by riding a bike out on the road, or even running on the streets.

Stress Relief

It’s common knowledge that exercise is a great way to reduce stress and depression, thanks to the rush of endorphins everyone experiences during and after their workouts. Add in to this the fact that, with Group cycling classes, you’ve always got an instructor on hand to help keep you positive and motivated and you’ll find it’s a great way to get over the stresses of everyday life.

No Need for Rhythm or Coordination

Unlike many of the other group fitness classes in our portfolio, Group Cycling doesn’t require you to dance, stand on one leg at any point or balance at all. All you need to do is pedal. This means you don’t have to worry about falling over and bashing into those around you; you can just concentrate on your workout. This means even those of you who may struggle with this sort of thing will be able to enjoy all the benefits that Group Cycling has to offer.

Adjustable Resistance

All the Group Cycling bikes at our centres come with adjustable levels of resistance on the wheel, meaning you can work at your own pace, building up your strength and fitness levels at a setting you feel comfortable with. No-one else will be aware of what setting you’re on, so there’s no need to worry about judgement from your fellow group cyclists and you can just get on with your workout.

Track Progress Using Smart Devices

You can track your progress towards your fitness goals by syncing smart devices and apps such as Fitbits, Jawbone and Misfit fitness trackers. You can also track it by scanning the relevant QR code and inputting your exercise intensity to track it to your Everyone Active Planner. This means you can keep track of how you’re getting on and how close you are to achieving your fitness goals.

Instructors Keep you Motivated

The highly-trained and experienced Group Cycling instructors are on hand throughout the class to help ensure you get the most out of your session, helping make sure you stay upbeat, motivated and are carrying out the exercise in both a safe and effective manner. We also run virtual classes

Outdoor Cyclists can Train all Year Round

If you’re a keen outdoor cyclist, but occasionally can’ quite face the wind, rain and general unpleasantness that the British Winter occasionally brings with it, then a Group Cycling session is the perfect replacement. You get the same workout without being afraid of getting soaked to the skin and covered in road grime.

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